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. >>> in others news, the church of england said this week it may sell its $6 million share in rupert murdoch news corporation can unless the organization conducts a full and open inquiry into the recent phone hacking scandal. church leaders called the actions of murdoch's british tabloid, the news of the world, "utterly reprehensible and unethical. and finally, during its coverage of last month's u.s. open golf tournament, nbc ran a montage that included the pledge of allegiance to the flag. most of it. it left out the words "under god, indivisible. members of congress, among others, complained and nbc this week formally apologized. it said there was nothing ideological about the omission, and that the employees involved have been reprimanded. that's our program for now. i'm bob abernethy. you can follow us on twitter and facebook, find us on youtube, and watch us anytime, anywhere on smart phones and iphones. there's also much more on our web site. you can comment on all of our stories and share them. audio and video podcasts are also available -- join us at pbs. org. as we leave you, music from
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)